2018+ Honda GL1800 HeliBars® Tour Performance™ handlebar risers

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NEW Gen 2 HeliBars® Tour Performance™ handlebar relocation adapters for the Honda GL1800 2018+ (all models)

Installs between the factory handlebar mounting clamp risers and the top triple clamp to reduce the reach to the grips. 

HeliBars has updated it's 2018+ Goldwing Tour Performance handlebar adapters to improve comfort and handling.  By removing the original "Sport" position from our adapters we gained the freedom to perfect our Touring position.  We have reduced the rear angle of the grips and adjusted the reach to offer improved comfort and handling performance.

  • 9/16" (14.2mm) Taller
  • 2 1/4" (57.15mm) Rearward
  • Bolt Cover caps now included!  Video
  • Reduction in rearward wrist angle
  • Heli Tour performance handlebar relocation adapters moves the factory bars into a more comfortable position by reducing reach.
  • All original cables and hydraulic lines are retained and are un-modified
  • Hard Coat Anodized
  • Increased leverage boosts confidence, improves low speed handling and makes the new Wing feel even lighter. 
  • Super precision adapters have drain holes in the recessed hardware mounting bores to eliminate corrosion from pooling water.
  • Does not interfere with the complex new front fork components
  • Template included for trimming the plastic top handlebar mount cover.
  • Video to reduce installation time:  #1 Install Video   and #2 Install Video WATCH CAREFULLY!  USE EXTREME CAUTION.
  • Exceptional build quality backed by a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee

Add On Item:

  • Have the first generation risers? Looking for a cap to cover the handlebar mounting bolt?  Order here:  Caps

Full installation instructions are available to download prior to purchase should you wish to see them, if you are unable to find the instructions do not hesitate to contact us and we will happily provide them for you.


HeliBars® are designed for easy installation, in most cases retaining all original cables and hydraulic lines, and requiring little or no modification to your original equipment. They are made with pride by American Craftsmen and women, and are backed by a one year warranty on all materials and workmanship, as well as our 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.


HeliBars® provides motorcyclists with better handling ergonomics and greater long distance comfort without distracting from riding excitement. HeliBars research & development engineers are riders like you, and they take meticulous care to address all of your handlebars' deficiencies before they design the perfect fix for your bike. When you buy HeliBars®, you are benefiting from years of experience in riding comfort and performance!


At HeliBars® the focus for over 30 years has been helping motorcyle riders find their elusive comfort zone for all day riding no matter what style of bike they have. So when you are done for the day, you can stop because you want to, not because you hurt - this is what HeliBars® offers you, comfort without compromise!


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    Handlebar caps are rubbish

    Posted by Martin on Oct 10th 2021

    The handlebar risers are awesome and the one must have addon for your GL1800 2018+. But the handlebar caps delivered with them are rubbish. They do not stay in place and will come off extremely easily. Lost them shortly after installation already! Come on guys. Engineers can do a better job for a product of 130 bucks!

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    2018+ GL 1800 Helibars

    Posted by Tony Brenke on Jun 25th 2021

    This is possibly the single most important mod I have done to my 2021 Goldwing. I put highway pegs on and it still wasn't right. I added a backrest and it is still was not comfortable. I installed the HELIBARS and this is what I was missing. The handlebarss are in reach now without being stooped over. outstanding product.

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    Great handlebar adapter

    Posted by Shane Bassett on Jun 10th 2021

    These worked great! It's funny that the bars go in front of the original holes and still move them back 2 inches... however that magic works... it works great lol

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    HeliBar Goldwing

    Posted by Benoit Trudeau on Apr 23rd 2021

    A bit tricky to install, however, it change the whole bike! Night and day in comfort! Now this is $130.00 well spent and thank you for making such a good product!

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    Helibars Risers

    Posted by Chris Allen on Mar 10th 2021

    Great product. Easy to install.

  • 5

    Posted by Robert Brauner on Feb 3rd 2021

    Purchased from Traxxion Dynamics, one of you installers, when visiting their business in GA. Max installed the product for me as I was to far set back from the handle bars. The product was great and gave me the comfort I was looking for. Later I saw cheaper versions on Amazon for sale that were a third the price and left a comment they were not the original HeliBar Product. Went with your original brand not a unbranded version.

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    Make All The Difference

    Posted by Hector on Jan 21st 2021

    I had Helibars handlebars on my '12 Harley Ultra Classic and loved them, so when I needed a solution for the awkward riding position on my new 2019 Goldwing Tour DCT I came to HeliBars to look for a solution. Was thrilled to see a fix that was only $129 and didn't involve replacing the bars. The Tour Performance Handlebar Risers made all the difference. Instead of over-reaching and ending up with an backache after an hour of riding I can now ride in a much more natural position. No more aching back! The instructions and installation videos are very good also. I would highly recommend this solution if you suffer from short reach like me.

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    Posted by Unknown on Nov 30th 2020

    Wird erst ab 03/2021 fahrtechnisch getestet.

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    Helibar Tour for 2020 DCT

    Posted by Al P. on Nov 22nd 2020

    First, fast transaction, thank you. Second, if you follow the instructions and the 2 videos, it is a breeze to install. It took me 45 mins complete. Was no need to raise the console. The caps are a nice finish. Put them in Hot water for 5 mins, open tabs slightly while warm and cool the caps off in cold water. They will not come off. Now, I have to say, big improvement riding with them installed. Hard to believe what few inches can do. A must have on the new Goldwings. Fit and finish are perfect !!!!!