It has to be Honda. Honda motorcycle riders know—if you crave speed, if you crave performance, if you crave cutting edge design, there’s a Honda motorcycle for you. But if you crave comfort, it can sometimes feel like there is only the Goldwing. Now, there’s HeliBars Honda motorcycle handlebars.


As high quality as the Honda you bolt them on, HeliBars model specific Honda motorcycle handlebars are an American-made improvement carefully designed, constructed, and tested to each Honda model to provide a pain-free, power-filled ride. Because our Honda handlebars have that bolt-on capability, they don’t weigh you down on the track or take away from the streamlined sport bike lines you love. And, if you have already graduated to a Goldwing, you will get an entirely new level of comfort from the ultimate touring bike!


Whether you choose Honda VFR800 handlebar risers, Honda GL1800 replacement handlebars or handlebar risers, or Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin/Adventure Sport accessories, you have a 30-day money back guarantee—and the ability to go faster and further without frustration or pain.