Yamaha Motorcycle Handlebars and Risers 


 Fine-tune your Yamaha Motorcycle by tailoring the ergonomics of your riding position to fit your needs. Adding our replacement HeliBars handlebars and risers to your Yamaha will make your ride easier and more comfortable. Shop our American made replacement handlebars and risers today! 


 Yamaha’s huge lineup of different bikes has something for every rider. But if you find your ride of choice is causing back pain, stiff shoulders and aching hands and wrists, then HeliBars is here to help. We want to keep you riding longer in comfort without sacrificing performance.


 HeliBars has been offering innovative handle bar solutions to riders for the last 30 years, all of our products are USA-Made. Carefully crafted to give you more comfort control and performance power, HeliBars Yamaha handlebar and riser kits include everything you need for installation While our products are designed and finished to seamlessly fit in with the look and styling of your Yamaha, the comfort and performance they offer will stand out!


 Whether you’re cruising in town, hitting the twisties or headed cross country, HeliBars has you covered. We build all of our quality products are designed to be Make and Model specific to ensure fitment. If for any reason you aren’t happy, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Get ready to ride what you want how you want!