BMW Motorcycle Handlebar Risers 


Start riding your BMW Motorcycle with better handling ergonomics. Attaching handlebar risers to your BMW will make riding easier and more comfortable. Shop our USA made handlebar risers today!


Accelerate into the turn. The aggressive riding position of a BMW bike is an adrenaline rush that helps you hit higher speeds … while also straining your lower back. If aching joints are keeping you from fully gearing up, getting on the road, and going the distance, Helibars motorcycle handlebar risers can help you stay on that BMW sport bike longer.


A natural extension of BMW’s exceptional engineering, Helibars handlebars are an American-made innovation thoughtfully designed, rigorously tested, and built with precision to put even more power and control within your reach. And because our BMW handlebars have bolt-on capability, you don’t have to make any cuts or custom mods to enjoy the same sleek, minimalist style and optimized speed that is BMW’s timeless signature.


Whether you choose a BMW R1200GS handlebar risers, BMW R1200RT handlebar risers, or BMW K1200R handlebar risers, you have a 30-day money back guarantee—and an aggressively comfortable ride ahead.

Elegant engineering. Raw power. Pure comfort. Shop HeliBars BMW accessories today.