HeliBars Handlebar Risers Elevate Your Ride 

Pain should never be a passenger on motorcycle rides. Feeling aches or numbness in your wrists, kinks and strain between your shoulder blades, or less confidence and control on the road? Find yourself lifting from your seat on turns or fighting fatigue after just a few miles?


Changing your rise, pullback, and hand placement can be a total game-changer for riders of all ages and abilities—and adding HeliBars patented adjustable motorcycle handlebars is the fastest, easiest, and safest way to make it happen.


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Go Farther. Feel Better.

Would you buy a car without power steering? Too many motorcycle riders put up with rough road ergonomics for far too long. Replacing motorcycle handlebars can completely revolutionize your ride. 


Our model specific motorcycle handlebar risers are engineered not just for total comfort but for total control. Before you give up your sport bike, trailer to an event, or shorten your next ride, see how motorcycle handlebar extenders and motorcycle handlebar risers can change the way you feel on your bike and on longer tours. 

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HeliBars Handlebar Risers Elevate Your Ride

Not sure how to replace motorcycle handlebars? Whether you have a sport, sport touring, or cruiser bike, HeliBars makes it so simple. Our bolt-on capability means no cuts or custom mods. At most, you’ll need to re-route your lines.


Each HeliBars motorcycle handlebar extender and motorcycle handlebar riser is American-made in our Maine factory by skilled engineers obsessed with performance and safety. We custom-engineer every HeliBars riser or extender for your exact motorcycle make, year, and model, and we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on every single purchase.


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