Jan 28th 2020

People Ask: Why can't I use my HeliBars as a Tie Down Point?

Before I answer that I have a couple questions, if you put your arms straight out sideways and ask several children to hang onto them – will your arms break off? Probably not. Will they stay straight? Probably not. Now if you asked them to hang from your shoulders you may bend in the knee a little (sort of like your tire being compressed) but you are more likely to stay upright with your arms out straight!

Let’s think of your handlebars as arms and your frame of your bike as your torso. So where is the best point to tie down your motorcycle?

Why can’t I use my HeliBars as a tie down point? Over the years we have had this question asked thousands and thousands of times. We stress that they can certainly be used as a stabilizing point. (Heck that is why we have arms right?) Extreme force on the ends of the handlebars (either HeliBars or stock handlebars) can bend the bars or rotate them in their mounts. And while you don’t think you tied them down too tight, if you hit those beloved pot holes while truckin’ down the road that force is increased.