I Dont See My Cruiser!

The bikes we have listed are those that we have conducted installations on personally.  We know they fit with little or no modifications.

Don’t give up hope yet!  That doesn’t mean the Horizon product line won’t work for your bike/applicaton.

Here are some things to consider when trying to determine which bar to purchase:

How do your bars mount?

  • Do they have tall risers? You may need to swap out to a 1” riser.
  • Are they 1” or 1 1/4” diameter?
  • Is there a nacelle (cover)?
  • What is the width of the cover?

Do you have internal wiring?

  • Horizon bars are not internally wired.  The multi adjustable pivots would pinch internal wiring which would be very bad.  Look at our bikes again.  We tuck the lines behind the bars.  Can you even see them?   We know you will be so mesmerized by our bars and their function you won’t even miss internal wiring.

Do you have any slack in your lines?

  • Most of our installations don’t require a change of lines however, some re-routing of lines may be necessary.  Is your clutch line run through a fairing?  Can you move it to gain slack?  Are your lines routed on the outside of your triple tree?  Can they be moved to the inside of the triple tree?
  • If you need new lines the only way to determine length is to mount up your new bars and measure the length you need.  Check with your dealer to see if they have a recommendation.  If it’s a hydraulic line someone like Moto Heaven/Hel Performance can make a custom line for you   877-416-0969.  In need of a custom throttle cable Barnett can help with that 805-642-9435.
  • Based on the above information check out the photos of the different lowers we offer on ****a custom fit page????

Choose your Handlebar Tube Preference:

  • Standard Grip length Handlebar Tubes (11.25 Length, 1” Diameter) B00195L/B00197R
  • 1” Over Grip Length Handlebar Tubes (12.25 Length, 1” Diameter) B00194UN
  • Handlebar tubes are not drilled for your application/control locations.

Choose your finish:  Black or Chrome

Still unsure?  You can email a photo of your stock handlebars to and we can make a suggestion.  

Ready to order?  Call HeliBars at 800-859-4642 to place your order.  

Pricing varies for riser height/finish.