Victory Cross Models HeliBars® Horizon™ CCR Adjustable Handlebar

$699.00 - $849.00
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HeliBars® Horizon™ CCR multi adjustable handlebars for Victory Cross Models (all years)

Built exclusively for the Victory Cross Country and Cross Roads.

The patented Horizon CCR handlebars brings the controls closer to the rider and allows almost unlimited wrist angle adjustability independent of how high or low they are mounted.

The Horizon CCR also provides many safety features should you forget to fully tighten any of the pivots after making an adjustment.

Horizon System Advantages:
  • Positioning adjustable in no less than 3 ways: Bars rotate up and down, forwards and backwards, inwards and outwards
  • Grip wrist angle adjustable for ultimate fit and long-range comfort
  • Brake and clutch lever angles adjustable for perfect reach
  • Taller and more rearset than the manufacturer's or any after market adapter
  • Ultimate touring comfort. No more wrist, shoulder, neck or back pains caused by reaching out of your comfort zone
  • Vastly improved leverage and handling especially at lower speeds
  • Exceptional build quality backed by a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee
HeliBars® Horizon™ CCR Model Specifications:
  • 4" Maximum (10 cm) taller** depending on forward or back orientation of riser
  • 2" (5cm) to 5" Maximum (13 cm) rearward offset** depending on forward or back orientation of riser and forward and back angle of the grip tube
  • Brake line extension required for 2010-2011 models must be purchased aftermarket (specifications are 30.5" overall length)
  • American made


**Please note that these are the true measurements taken at the wrist position, not at the fixing point or fork or triple clamp, the shape and angles of the HeliBars product give the final result required and indicated in the product description.



Full installation instructions are available to download prior to purchase should you wish to see them, if you are unable to find the instructions do not hesitate to contact us and we will happily provide them for you.



HeliBars® are designed for easy installation, in most cases retaining all original cables and hydraulic lines, and requiring little or no modification to your original equipment. They are made with pride by American Craftsmen and women, and are backed by a one year warranty on all materials and workmanship, as well as our 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.


HeliBars® provides motorcyclists with better handling ergonomics and greater long distance comfort without distracting from riding excitement. HeliBars research & development engineers are riders like you, and they take meticulous care to address all of your handlebars' deficiencies before they design the perfect fix for your bike. When you buy HeliBars®, you are benefiting from years of experience in riding comfort and performance!


At HeliBars® the focus for over 30 years has been helping motorcycle riders find their elusive comfort zone for all day riding no matter what style of bike they have. So when you are done for the day, you can stop because you want to, not because you hurt - this is what HeliBars® offers you, comfort without compromise!



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    Posted by LINDA on May 15th 2020

    I ordered these since they afforded the most adjustability vs the only other option of ape hangers lowered to give more reach. I like the fact that they can be lowered and not have interference with the fuel tank. Once that adjustment is done there are the minor tweaks at the handles themselves. Once these are set I am able to leave them in that position since I am the only rider of my bike. Every now and then for some reason the service department feels they need to adjust them. I am completely happy with my purchase I made 5 years ago!