HeliBars Dealer Locator (USA)

A list of international dealers is available here: HeliBars International Dealers

HeliBars Certified Installers (USA)


If you live in the USA, we work with dealers in every US state, any customer who would like their products to be installed by a professional should not hesitate to contact their local dealer and have them get in touch with us to order.

We also sell products through distribution who maintain their own list of dealers, any of these dealers can order HeliBars products either through their distributor or directly with HeliBars (even if they are not aware of this), the list is available via the following link:

WPS Dealer Locator for HeliBars Products

Please note that dealers may not offer our 30 day warranty / return policy, only purchases made directly with HeliBars by the customer will be covered by our policy.

If you have a preferred installer who is happy to install the product for you without purchasing it through them, our return policy will of course be applicable.

All HeliBars products come with full clear installation instructions which anyone with mechanical competence can follow. Many suitably capable customers choose to install themselves, if in doubt always seek professional advice, put your safety first.